McKinley’s M-Certified Training Center is an IACET Approved Provider, which means our clients get the highest quality training that meets nationally recognized, evidence-based standards for learning. In addition to top-quality training, the M-Certified Training Center is remarkably affordable, offers convenient times, locations, and highly qualified instructors.


McKinley’s M-Certified Training Center provides quality online and in-person training to the community in a variety of areas.

We’re approved to provide continuing education to:

  • Administrators of Group Homes

  • Adult Residential Facilities

  • Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly

We also provide management training and state-certified Administrator courses for:

  • Group Homes

  • Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly


McKinley’s Training Center offers affordable, ongoing education. Here are a few examples of recent workshops:

Helping Teens Work Through Grief

This workshop explores the implications of grief and loss and how it presents itself in the youth that we service. Topics covered include:

  • Identifying and assessing grief and loss responses in the youth you serve.

  • Learning how to appropriately respond to a youth’s grief and loss.

  • Providing parents and/or caregivers the support and tools needed to care for the youth through their tough time.

Resilience and Compassion Fatigue Training

Social service providers can become so focused on the needs of those they serve that they forget to take time out for themselves. Participants will explore effective strategies for coping with compassion fatigue as well as for developing professional and personal resilience, such as:

  • Describing the reasons and causes that lead to vulnerability when dealing with client trauma.

  • Defining compassion, compassion fatigue, and burnout.

  • Developing strategies for building and maintaining resilience.

  • Creating a plan for self-care to promote personal well-being.


Your donations allow us to bring valuable services to children and families throughout Southern California. Thank you for helping McKinley continue our mission, as we recognize and celebrate the unique contributions each individual makes to our community.