Mental Health touches every area of life, from education, to friendships, to physical well-being. McKinley’s Mental Health Program is committed to helping children, youth, and families learn new patterns, recover from past trauma, and move forward with healthy strategies.

Our program includes rehabilitative and psychological services such as individual and group programs, case consultation, collateral services, crisis intervention, medication support and management services, psychological assessment, and targeted case management. An interdisciplinary team of professionals is available 24 hours a day to respond to emergencies.


All McKinley Mental Health program clients meet the criteria for medical necessity as established in the Short Doyle Act, administered by Medi-Cal Services.

Clients of McKinley’s Residential Program, schools, and Foster Family Services, as well as children in the community, are eligible for services after qualification. Assessment and coordinated care plans are completed by a competent Mental Health Professional.


McKinley utilizes evidence-based practices which incorporates the best evidence from well-designed studies, patient values and preferences, and a clinician’s expertise in providing treatment. This is done with a Trauma-Informed perspective, which acknowledges that the individual’s mental health needs are influenced by their history of trauma. The principles of trauma-informed care that McKinley is committed to are: Safety, Trustworthiness & Transparency, Peer Support, Collaboration & Mutuality, Empowerment & Choice, Cultural, Historical & Gender Issues.


Outpatient Services

Individual, group and family therapy that are intended to provide a reduction of presenting problems and symptoms, and an improvement or maintenance in functioning consistent with the goals of learning, development, independent living, symptom reduction, and enhanced self-sufficiency.

School Related Services

Provides mental health services in a group setting to address maladaptive behaviors and increase a higher level of functioning in school, home, and in the community. Services are provided 2 hours a day, five days a week, depending on the need at time of assessment.

Assessments and Support

The first step to healing is knowing where to begin. At McKinley, we offer consultations, testing, and monitoring, so clients can start their journey to recovery.

Psychiatric Consultations
Psychiatric consults are available to review presenting problems, current medications, psychiatric history, and/or behaviors. Psychiatrist will make recommendations as appropriate.

Psychological Testing
Referral based testing is used to clarify symptomology, rule out diagnosis, and to help delineate emotional from learning disabilities.

Medication Support
Includes an evaluation for the need of medication to alleviate the symptoms of mental illness, and provision of medication education, which includes discussing risks, benefits, and alternatives with the client or significant support persons.

Our Approaches

Every client, and every challenge is unique. We offer a range of treatment models, including:

Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy
An evidence-based treatment model that helps children and adolescents overcome trauma-related issues by incorporating trauma-sensitive interventions with cognitive behavioral techniques.

Seeking Safety
An evidenced-based treatment model that addresses trauma, post-traumatic stress, and substance abuse.

QTherapeutic Behavioral Services
A short-term intensive program that provides one-to-one support for children and youth who demonstrate maladaptive behaviors that are not responding to other mental health services alone. The goal of TBS is to replace maladaptive behaviors, with behaviors that are more functional.



Your donations allow us to bring valuable services to children and families throughout Southern California. Thank you for helping McKinley continue our mission, as we recognize and celebrate the unique contributions each individual makes to our community.