Ways to Help

Mentor Program at McKinley

At McKinley, we look for people who can be positive role models for our children. Our goal is for every child to have a mentor – someone who can use their knowledge, understanding and experience to help our young people develop self-esteem, coping skills and social sensibilities. A mentor also helps teach responsible decision-making through listening, encouraging and demonstrating maturity through their own actions – essentially through leading by example.


Why Become a Mentor?

Our children range in age from infancy to 16 years old, and they often find themselves without a proper support system during these most formative years of their lives. For some of these children, their families are either unwilling or unable to provide the care and guidance they need to grow to become successful, well-adjusted adults. That’s where a mentor comes in. As a mentor, you are crucial in filling in this gap in their lives.


How to Become a Mentor

Mentor applicants must be at least 25 years old and willing to make a long-term commitment and arrange at least 4 visits with their child each month. Consistency is extremely important to our children, many of whom are tragically accustomed to being disappointed by broken promises.

Initially, mentorship meetings will be arranged on the McKinley campus, but once mentor and student are well acquainted, therapist-approved meetings can be scheduled for the outside community.


Learn More

To learn more about becoming a McKinley mentor, email Georgina Gutierrez at gutierrezg@mckinleycc.org.