Residential Care

Admissions Process

Admission to the McKinley Residential Program is a multi-step process. Here is a basic outline of those necessary steps.

Step 1: At the time of interest or referral, an Intake Coordinator and our Treatment Team screen the client for admission. Admission decisions are made after assessing the needs of the child and determining if McKinley can meet his needs. McKinley will then try to arrange for a pre-admission visit if possible.

Step 2: At the time of admission, the child’s representative will meet with the Intake Coordinator (a licensed clinical social worker) to complete the intake process, and will at that time discuss programs and treatment in more detail.

Step 3: The child will be placed in one of four residential cottages and will be assigned a clinician.

Step 4: A complete mental health assessment will be completed within two weeks of placement. It will take no more than 30 days to determine a client care plan and treatment needs, and that time tangible goals are set for the child.

Step 5: The child receives on-going treatment.

Step 6: Every 90 days, the child’s treatment plan is formally reviewed and revised based on any findings.