Residential Care

"A Day in the Life"


Rise and Shine

Our children—grouped by age—wake up in one of four cottages that serve as homes for up to 11 boys. They’re gently awoken by a morning counselor who will help them get ready for their day.



Once the children leave their cottages, they are treated to a healthy, nutritious breakfast where they eat as a group. The food served is diverse, and accommodations are made for children with special dietary needs. During breakfast, the staff go over the day’s schedule with the children, including activities and special announcements, and help to focus the children for the day ahead.



Children are either sent to McKinley’s on-site school, Canyon View, or they are sent to schools in the community. Where the child is sent is based on his educational needs.


Back from School, Snacks

Once school is over, the children come back to the Center and discuss with their counselors what their day was like and what they learned. They then get ready for a day of fun, exciting activities.

2:00 - 5:00

Therapeutic Activities

Children are busy with activities that are customized to help each of them develop essential skills, including: peer community groups, athletics, arts & crafts, nature walks, and time with their therapist to discuss personal and family issues.



Once recreation is over, it’s time for a healthy dinner in the dining hall. The children once again eat as a group with children from other cottages, and are given the choice of several hot entrée items, salads, fruit, etc. Like breakfast, the food served is diverse and can be made to accommodate special dietary needs.

6:30 - 9:00

Study Hall, Additional Activities

Children are given time to have phone conversations with their family to discuss how their day went and what activities they took part in. These interactions are very important to a child’s therapy during what can be a very emotional time, and our counselors are available to help children communicate with their families.


Transition to Bed

After a full day, the children are finally prepped for bed. Here they’ll take part in quiet activities like reading, writing in a journal and listening to music on headphones. They’ll then sleep two to a room and counselors are available to help out with any difficulty sleeping.