About McKinley

The Foundation

The Foundation is a separate, non-profit corporation that was set-up for the sole purpose of supporting the McKinley Children’s Center. They own the grounds and the building, which gives them a greater opportunity to help McKinley with a host of capital projects and campus improvements, including McKinley’s Solar Energy Project, the dining hall renovation, the creation of a media center, and more.




Charles Paddock, Jr: President, Retired, Newspaper Executive
James E. Greene: Vice President, Retired, Oil Production Executive
Maureen Turk.: Secretary, Retired, Hospital Administrator
Darrell Johnson: Treasurer, President of Intelli-Tech

Jeffrey Conklin: President, Adventist Health Managed Care
Mary Ann Kistler: Retired Banking Administrator
Ross L. Wood: President, West Hills Construction, Inc.
Rusty L. Wood: Vice President, West Hills Construction, Inc.
Marianne Antonius, Senior Vice President & Director of Commercial Banking


Jim Varing: Investment Advisor, Capitol Westlake, Inc.